Late el Arte – feel the Artbeat

Late el Arte regains the world of sensations that is throbbing and beckons us to reconcile our  feelings with reason.

"... I am a “feelthinker”, someone who tries to harmonize emotions and thought, reconciling my sense of reason with my heart."
Eduardo Galeano


Let’s measure the pulse of a city from an artistic and more creative perspective.

A city is full of textures, colors, materials and there are stories to be found round every corner. Urban artists use these resources for their inspiration.
These young citizens from all over the world are shaping our everyday environment
in the quest for solutions to the problems our cities are facing today.

The insolent and irreverent voice of the street is becoming an increasingly influential scene for talented people who defy the establishment with a simple but effective message   that draws a socially conscious (and trendsetting) young audience.